1941 Marx Giant King Racer & c.1960 Ichimura Streamliner Jet Racer in Original Box

1941 Marx Giant King Racer & c.1960 Ichimura Streamliner Jet Racer in Original Box

Here's two tin litho racers manufactured nearly 20 years apart from different countries. 

1941 Marx, Giant King Racer (no box)
The most unusual thing about this racer is the driver. Typically the Giant King Racer has a small driver with red cap and green coat, but in this example it looks more a farmer. Of course at first I thought that the original was substituted, however upon further investigation I don't think this was the case. 

Contents from the Marx company warehouse were sold off in 1977 through several auctions sponsored by Parke-Bernet. In fact I recently sold one of those auction catalogs. Just by luck I happened to notice a black and white photograph of Lot 92 which included three racers. One of these was the Giant King Racer and the driver is identical to the one I have (see photo's below). More investigation showed that this driver originated as Marx' Balky Mule toy farmer. I have no way of knowing if it was the same toy, but it was probably produced at the factory towards the end of company's history. For that reason I believe that it is the original driver to this specific example. 

The toy is clockwork tin litho with metal wheels and attached key. Its embossed with black side pipes on a red and yellow streamlined, boat tail body. It works great. 

Size: 13".

c.1960 Ichimura, Streamliner Jet Racer in Original Box
This torpedo shaped Japanese racer comes from the estate of the original owner. All tin litho with friction motor drive and original celluloid windshield. It comes complete with its original box.

Low and sleek it has more hood room in back of the driver than in front. Lithoed in various shades of red, pink, and white it features four faux lithoed wheels with embossed raised fenders and raised cowl. The driver's head was separately tabbed to the body and is original to the toy. The chassis was black lithoed single plate. The real tires are solid rubber and smaller than the lithoed set. The Ichimura, American Indian logo was lithoed in front of the left rear wheel

The rear friction motor works well. 

The box cover was printed with an early 60's illustration of two racers jockeying for position. It also includes the manufacturer's trademark in the lower left corner. The toy name was repeated on all four box aprons. 

Size: 9¼"

Sold: May 2008

Price Sold: $ 365


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