1958 Bandai, Buick Century Convertible in Original Box

1958 Bandai, Buick Century Convertible in Original Box

Fresh to the market tin litho friction drive Buick Century Convertible by Bandai. Complete with original box and never played with. Purchased from the original owner. 

Gorgeous 50's vehicle with a "warm" metallic wine-colored body and lots of chrome plated highlights. Embossed with four doors, hood trunk, and front fenders. Tires are black rubber whitewalls with tricolored lithoed hubs. Windshield is blue tinted celluloid. Chrome components include both front and rear wrap-around bumpers, authentic grille logo and hood divider, double headlights, tail lights, arrow side molding, fin tips, windshield frame, and hub caps. Century logo appears on both arrow side moldings near the fins. Interior has red and black mosaic bench seats, and black and white checkerboard flooring. Dashboard is all lithoed. Steering wheel is plastic. Chassis is lithoed black with embossed silver highlights. It covers the entire underside of the body. The chassis is marked with the manufacturer's logo.

The box is illustrated with an accurate rendition of the toy in full color. A magenta colored body is shown. The front and rear aprons include a slightly simpler drawing of the car in bright yellow. A line portrait was drawn for both side aprons. The box is stamped with the correctly corresponding color of the car; RED. 

Size: 8¼".

Date Sold: Mar. 2008

Price Sold: $ 475


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