1959 Yonezawa, Ford Station Wagon in Original Box

1959 Yonezawa, Ford Station Wagon in Original Box

This fantastic tin litho friction drive Ford Station Wagon was purchased fresh from the estate of the original owner. Manufactured by Yonezawa and measuring an impressive 10¼" long, it comes complete with its original box and insert. I could not find a reference for this specific model and box in Ron Smith's & Bill Gallagher's book on Tin Toy Cars. 

The vehicle is all lithographed tinplate and embossed. It has a cherry red body and bright white roof. It's a four door Country Sedan model with a single, flat litho plate interior. Separation between the two interior bench seats and rear compartment are differentiated only by embossed details. The steering wheel is also lithographed. 

It has an authentically styled single piece front grille headlight assembly, however the width of the plated side moldings are narrower than similarly manufactured Japanese built models. The chassis is a single black lithoed plate which covers the entire underside of the car. The tailgate and rear windshield support are stationary. 

Chrome plated parts include the front and rear wrap-around grille assemblies, embossed tailgate, fins and side molding, hood ornament, and front windshield frame. The windshield itself is blue tinted celluloid. The tires are solid black rubber with swirled center whitewall hubs marked "FORD". The rear license plate is lithoed 3216. It's marked with the manufacturer's trademark on the right rear tailgate. 

The box was beautifully illustrated with a full color, three-quarter perspective view of a two-tone blue and white station wagon. The front end of a second two-tone, red and white Ford is shown on the right cover panel. It's actually larger in perceived size than the fully illustrated vehicle. It also includes an unusual third, finely detailed drawing of another station wagon on the front and rear cover aprons. Again, its two-tone, but yellow and white. One big difference with this drawing; it's marked Country Sedan on the rear quarter panel. The box is also marked with the manufacturer's trademark and catalog number. Included inside the box is its single square shaped cardboard insert.

Size: 10¼". 

Sold: May 2008

Price Sold: $ 224


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