1965 Siro Ferrari Super America Convertible In Original Box

1965 Siro Ferrari Super America Convertible In Original Box

Superb tin litho Ferrari Super America convertible manufactured by Siro Ferrari, Italy. Scarce version featuring clockwork driven rear mounted motor. Complete with original box and key.

Elegant, sleek and accurately designed from the full scale original, this large tin litho racer was produced by, and with the endorsement of Ferrari. I was told that it was available only at Ferrari dealerships but I wasn't able to substantiate this. It's all embossed tin litho with a deep cherry red body and solid black chassis and features the famous yellow and black rearing horse Ferrari trademark on the front hood. A wide black and white checkerboard stripe runs parallel across the front and rear hoods.

The open interior is embossed with front and rear seats. Dashboard details are lithoed. It did not include a steering wheel when originally produced.

It has chrome plated wrap around front and rear bumpers and windshield frame. The wheel covers are polished tin. It has all four of its original yellow plastic headlight and tail light covers, as well as its original plastic windshield. The tires are solid black rubber.

The motor winds up using a nickel plated European style key however I don't know if it's original to the toy.

The box was illustrated with a Ferrari Super America on one side and #8 racer on the other. The Italian red, white, and green colors were printed on the front and rear aprons. The solid red endflaps have the only text on the entire box. This includes the Siro trademark, "Made In Italy", and stamped catalog numbers. There are no manufacturer markings on the actual vehicle.

Size: 11¼". 

Date Sold: Dec. 2009

Price Sold: $ 575


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