c.1946 Wolverine, No.33 Mystery Taxi in Original Box

c.1946 Wolverine, No.33 Mystery Taxi in Original Box

Large 13", clockwork, lithoed pressed steel taxi sedan manufactured by Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Co. Features automatic "mystery" wind-up mechanism. Pushing down on the rear section of the roof engages the geared motor mechanism. Remove your hand and the car "takes off". High grade example in EXC+ condition complete with very scarce original box. In fact it's the only box I've seen for this toy.

Brilliant yellow and orange vehicle with sloping trunk and embossed front and rear extended fenders. Roof section including windows was tabbed separately to the body. Chassis is a single die-cut plate painted silver with separately attached front and rear bumpers. Tires are pressed wood, painted black. 

Lithoed "in perspective" with driver and single occupant shown in every window. Meter and front seat were included as part of the lithography. Highlight lithography was used to differentiate the doors, center hood divider, taxi sign, front grill, lights, and license plates.

Toy is especially difficult to find in high grade because of its inherent "mystery" winding mechanism. A medium gauge steel was used. Pressing down on the rear roof to wind the motor would almost alway dent in the roof. Sometimes the rear tires including the axle and the entire winding mechanism would be pushed up into the body. There was nothing built into the toy to give it the extra support needed to prevent this from happening. As a result it was available for only a short time. 

The box was printed with several accurate images of the taxi. One panel shows three cabs lined up at a taxi stand outside a building with corner exit. A man and woman are shown walking to a waiting cab. The doorman already has the cab door open. Single images of the car are shown on two of the three remaining panels. It's surrounded by short slogans (i.e., no batteries, no winding, etc.) which contrast with the background to make them stand out. The fourth panel includes directions for operating the taxi plus the Wolverine logo name and address. The endflaps include another similar image of the taxi. "What makes it go" was also printed on every panel. 

Size: 13" x 4½" x 4½".

Sold: Jun. 2008

Price Sold: $ 357


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