1948 Marx, Fire Patrol (Water Tower) Truck in Original Box

1948 Marx, Fire Patrol (Water Tower) Truck in Original Box

The truck style used to manufacture this heavy gauge pressed steel clockwork Marx, Fire Patrol (a.k.a. Water Tower) truck had been in use since 1931. Two other companies, Hoge and Girard, produced similar vehicles, of which, some of are nearly identical. The Fire Patrol truck was the last of the line to use this recognizable body type. 

Several versions were produced. These may have included either aluminum ladders, a hood bell, or hose reel. It was also available as a pull toy (without motor), or without windshield, or without driver. Despite its many versions, today it's one of the scarcest post-war Marx steel toy. Probably the major contributor to this was its $3.89 price through the Montgomery Ward catalog... not including shipping. This was at a time when the gross median income was less than $10 per day.

This amazing example offered here is the first of its type that I've found. It's in unbelievable near mint condition and is complete with all accessories, plus its original box (high grade) and both inserts. The motor works beautifully. It not only moves forward, but also produces a realistic (and loud) emergency siren sound. The ladders clip together and then fit into the three slots on the rear step. Paint, parts, and decals are all original. No touch-up's, no repainting, and no repairs. Decals are original to the toy.

The body style includes running boards,raised tear-drop fenders,tapered front hood with louvers, polished tin grille and headlights, chrome plated steel bumper, lithographed tin driver, two pressed steel yellow ladders, manual hand brake, and large solid black rubber tires with polished steel centers. It's most pronounced featured is its rear mounted swiveling ladder tower with manual hand crank and original red wooden bead. It has its original die cast metal hose nozzle at the top of the tower. Most difficult to find are the two yellow wooden "fire extinguishers" clipped just in back of the seat. Both of them are still with the toy! And lastly, its unusual and original copper plated wind-up key is still screwed into the body.

The box is very plain with all four main panels completely blank. Only the endflaps have any printing on them; toy name, catalog number, manufacturer name and address, and Marx trademark. The inserts are pre-shaped, die cut cardboard.

Size: 14½". Weight approx 3½lbs

Sold: Jun. 2008

Price Sold: $ 987


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