1952 Marx, Running Scottie (British Version) in Original Box

1952 Marx, Running Scottie (British Version) in Original Box

Classic tin litho clockwork pup by Louis Marx & Co. Swansea, Great Britain. Complete with original box. Terrific toy grades high excellent+ to near mint. The British made box is the first I've seen.

According to Maxine Pinsky, author of Greenberg's Guide to Marx Toys Volume 1, the tan British version with blue eyes was manufactured in Great Britain. However, this example has a Marx U.S. logo, but the box is definitely from England. Back in 1988 when Ms. Pinsky published her information she was probably unaware that a tan, U.S. version existed. Most likely the U.S plant manufactured the toy for European export. It has the correct patent number for the 1952 U.S. toy. 

The 1952 U.S. version was black with solid colored coat. An even earlier U.S. version (with completely different lithography and wooden legs) was produced during the 1930's. 

Described as a tan pup, with white face, black snout, red and black checkerboard coat trimmed in blue with yellow lettering, and retractable black metal front legs. The two large polished metal discs on the underside center move him forward. Two small wooden wheels in the rear provide the traction. His ears and tail are rubber. They're complete and original. The chrome plated metal key is attached. 

Best of all it works great!

Unlike the U.S. produced illustrated box, this U.K. version is all printed red text. It shows the toy name in italic script at an upward angle which gives it the illusion of speedy movement. The Marx, Swansea address appears along the lower edge. The side panels were printed with "mechanical running Scottie". The endflaps include the toy name and the rarely seen Marx, Made in Great Britain logo. 

Size: 5-1/4" long.

Sold: Oct. 2008

Price Sold: $ 96


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