1948 Marx, Balky Mule in Original Box

1948 Marx, Balky Mule in Original Box

Although Marx's Balky Mule is a fairly commonly toy, I've never actually sold one. It's because they're usually well played with and at 94¢ in 1948 they were produced in large quantities. This example, however, grades as one of the best I've seen. Near mint and complete with its original replacement reins in a waxed bag. It comes complete with its original box.

The Balky Mule had been manufactured in many configurations since 1925. Lehmann, Strauss and Unique Art produced their own versions. This one with an angry hooking mule, wooden cart with matching wheels, and yellow hatted driver was the last in the Marx series. It uses the same ribbon spring motor found in Marx's erratic moving vehicles like the Joy Rider and Whoppee Car. It randomly moves right, left, or straight ahead with quick, rapid turns. The swiftly changing motion causes the driver to occasionally lean back. It works great!

The toy is complete with its original factory reins and wooden wheels (under the mule's front hoofs). A tiny Marx logo was lithoed on the underside of the mule.

The box was printed in a single color (red) and with a simple cartoon-like illustration. Smaller drawings of the toy were printed on the side panels along with the manufacturer name and address. Only the Marx logo and toy name appear on the endflaps. 

Size: 8½".

Sold: Oct. 2008

Price Sold: $ 162


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