c.1959 Bandai Fiat 600 Convertible In Original Box

c.1959 Bandai Fiat 600 Convertible In Original Box

Tin litho friction drive Fiat 600 convertible automobile manufactured by Bandai, Japan. Toy is in excellent+ to near mint condition and comes complete with its original box with photo insert.

Popular micro vehicle manufactured from 1955 to 1969. From my research 1956 was year that the soft roll top was introduced. After that the fender mounted turn indicators were moved to the front and sides. The toy, like the actual vehicle features an manual rollback soft (vinyl) top. A spring located just above the rear window on the cars' interior operates like a window shade to automatically roll-up the top when not in use. And it works great!

This example has a pale turquoise body embossed with window, door, and front hood dividers. It's a rear engine mounted car (i.e., rear friction motor) as indicated by the embossed rear trunk vents and access door. It has a double bench seat interior (green, blue, and yellow). It also has its original blue plastic steering wheel and front and rear blue tinted celluloid windshields. The chassis is all black, single plate, and embossed with authentic details plus the model and manufacturer's name. Tires are solid black rubber.

Chrome plated parts include front and rear windshield frames, front and rear bumpers, head light, turn indicators, protruding grille with ornament, and wheel covers. The recessed front license plate is marked "Fiat 600". The wheel covers are all marked "Fiat". It still has its original Woolworth's 89¢ price sticker on the front hood.

The two part box includes an accurate illustration of the car with its top rolled back, as well as the manufacturer name and logo. The box printer company, Hoku, also included their trademark. If anyone can tell me what "F.W.W. No 1018 8353" means I'd really appreciate it. I believe it has something to do with with the machined body style.

The original paper insert shows photographs of 8 toy models including the Fiat. Although the actual car was produced in 1956, other models were manufactured as late as 1959 (which dated the approximate production of the toy).

Size: 7"

Date Sold: May 2011

Price Sold: $ 265


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