1940 Marx, Flipo the Jumping Dog in Original Box

1940 Marx, Flipo the Jumping Dog in Original Box

Classic tin litho somersaulting Flipo The Jumping Dog complete with original box, and instruction sheet. The toy and box were produced in at least two versions over its 10 year history. This one was an intermediate version produced shortly after its original market introduction in 1940 as a Sears-Roebuck exclusive.

Historically, early and intermediate versions of this toy can be identified in several ways. The black and white lithography was used early on. After a short time, brown coloration was added to the fur. Early versions also spelled the name of the toy with a single "P". After 1940 the name was altered to include a double "P" as Flippo. The toy has no Marx logo, but the most significant aspect which helps dates it as an intermediate version is the key. This example has a permanently connected key. The earliest Flipo was wound using a separate key. It was probably available originally during the last several months of 1940. 

The box also helps to date the toy. The first, such as the one below, was printed in color. It shows a young lad wearing knickers and tie watching Flipo do his thing. "Watch Me Jump" plus the toy name, manufacturer name and address were printed on the side panels and endflaps. Later versions of the box were printed in black and white and had only simple drawings of the toy. The set of instructions that come with the toy, although brittle and cracked, are the first I've seen.

The sudden flipping movement was used in other Marx/Linemar toys like Dumbo and Popeye. Wind him up, push the start lever, and tension forced into an internal metal ribbon is suddenly released. This pushes him strongly up and backwards. It will frequently land in an upright position, but not always. For this reason the toy is often found with scratches, scuffs, and dents after only a few uses. 

The toy in this auction works beautifully and shows very little signs of use.

Size: 4" tall. 

Sold: Jul. 2008

Price Sold: $ 282


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