c.1949 Fleischmann, Butcher Grinding Sausages in Original Box

c.1949 Fleischmann, Butcher Grinding Sausages in Original Box

Awesome steam powered accessory by Fleischmann. Very unusual "man with sausage grinder" in unused near mint+ to mint condition complete with original coiled pulley spring. Comes with its original box with pasted illustrated label. 

Beautifully manufactured and just neat to "look-at", the toy was built to resemble a working miniature sausage grinder complete with animate butcher manually extruding a chain of emerging wieners. Turning of the machines gears causes the linked sausages to pass through the machine, into and through an awaiting pot, underneath the table, and loop back into the grinder from the bottom. The continuous looping looks like they're really being ground out! The wieners are made from short sections of beaded polished wood. 

The grinder machine is lithoed steel with gears on one side and a "manual" crank on the other. The butcher complete with apron and cap "holds" onto the crank. The figure is hand painted plastic. The animated arms are tin litho. The gears attach to a large black wooden pulley gear with silver painted handle. The pulley gear is grooved to accept a loop of coiled spring which was still inside the box. The other end of the coil would loop around another pulley gear connected to a steam generator. The grinding machine, table, and sausage pot are steel and tin litho. The gray beveled base is all tin litho with its original Fleischmann label on it. The underside of the base is stamped "Made in Western Germany".

The two piece box was made from thick, pressed paper stock. It has all 20 of its original factory staples. The top section fits completely over the bottom. The cover has its original factory applied color label on one end. It shows a photo of the toy with its catalog number, 236. Schematics for other steam powered toy devices are shown in the background. The label is marked with the manufacturer's name and "Made In Germany".

Size: Approx. 5¼" x 4" x 4". 

Sold: Jun. 2008

Price Sold: $ 307


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