1933 Hafner, "Century of Progress Special" Railway Set

1933 Hafner,

Outstanding five piece clockwork, steel and tin litho mechanical railway set produced by the Hafner Mfg. Co. for the 1933 Chicago, Century of Progress Worlds Fair. The design was actually first manufactured during the 1920's, however it was repackaged as the "Century of Progress Special" to commemorate the Fair. Set is in excellent+ condition and comes complete with original box and insert. 

The set was produced in red and cream colors with a black and red locomotive and track. The three bicolored cars were marked with "Hafner's Railways" and "Overland Flyer" on both sides. Both the locomotive and caboose have electrified tail lighting which works. Here's what's included.

Locomotive - 7", weight 14.7 oz. No markings. Black enameled steel with red tin litho headlight socket. Battery operated headlight powered by two double-A batteries which fit into the boiler shell. With cowcatcher, front ladders, siderails, and drive rods. Start/stop lever located inside engineer's cab. With brass plated smokestack, two boiler domes, and bell. Wheels are eight spoke, pressed stainless steel. Automatic bell located underneath the cab rings when it passes over a track tie. Key is cast iron nickel plated and unscrews from the boiler. 

Passenger Car - 5½", bicolored embossed tin litho with four tinned metal wheels, coupler on both ends. 

Tender - 4¾", deep red colored car with embossed carriage on four tinned metal wheels, plus black tin lithoed embossed "coal" load. Stationary hitch for locomotive. Rear has coupler. 

Baggage Car - 5½", bicolored embossed tin litho with four tinned metal wheels, coupler on both ends. Wide arched doorways centered on both sides. In addition to markings already noted are "Express Baggage" and "United States Mail". 

Caboose - 5½", bicolored embossed tin litho with four tinned metal wheels, no couplers on either end. One end has circular opening for batteries. The opposite end has exterior railings, die cut awning, and protruding red light bulb. Bulb is a replacement from another train set of the same vintage. It's not a reproduction. Car shell contains battery holder which holds two double-A batteries. 

Track - Straights (2) 11", Curved (5) 15", pressed steel complete with all connecting pins. 

The box (15¼" x 8" x 3½") printed with a panel wide, mono-color illustration showing a streamline locomotive and long tender speeding along the tracks. Futuristic city skyline representative of the Chicago World's Fair Century of Progress is shown in the background. Three of the cover aprons show locomotive development from it's earliest beginning. The four apron was printed with box contents "Miniature Mechanical Railway".

More interesting is this same apron still has its original NRA (National Recover Act) approval stamp along side its industry code number 100. The presence of the NRA stamp indicates  the products manufacturer complies with the governments (FDR's) plans for economic recovery. The NRA was in effect for only two years until it was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The symbolic eagle and "We Do Our Part" was "borrowed" for my company's logo since 1994. Also includes original accordion style orange cardboard insert. 

Sold: Aug. 2008

Price Sold: $ 511


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