1953 Selchow & Righter, "Assembly Line" in Original Box

1953 Selchow & Righter,

"Assemble Cars Like The Motor Czars"....Unusual board game which places the players "in the Big Business of producing automobiles". Includes all of the individual polystyrene plastic parts to assemble "finished automobiles". Contents are in unplayed mint condition and complete. Box is excellent+ to near mint. 

Complex four color playing board reminiscent of the game "Sorry". Car manufacturer's are assigned to players; Plymouth, Ford, Chevrolet, and Studebaker. Individual parts placed in corners, move around the board entering the blocked white assembly line. Center is called "storage". In fact it's very close to "Sorry". Business "hazards" hamper your attempts to assemble the vehicles. First to have three completes cars in the center, wins. Fairly straight forward.

Lot and lots and lots of parts. According to the list of contents additional or "ample" parts are given for every part except the bodies. At least 12 pieces of each part is enough for correct game play. The additional parts are provided in case some are lost or broken. 

However, along with the instructions is a black and white photo pamphlet for 16 Selchow & Righter games including this game, Assembly Line. In that pamphlet is indicated the correct total number of original factory parts which is 106. And that's exactly what's in the box! Even after 55 years since it was first produced with over 100 parts the game is complete. Here's the breakdown. 

  • 12 bodies 
  • 26 pairs of wheels 
  • 28 chassis 
  • 22 engines 
  • 18 steering wheel posts
  • Total 106 

The remaining contents are one each of spinner, die, and playing board. These are the quantities listed in the eight pages of instructions. 

Size: 19" x 9¾" x 1¾".

Sold: Aug. 2008

Price Sold: $ 49


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