1951 Marusan/Kosuge Battery Operated Cadillac in Original Box

1951 Marusan/Kosuge Battery Operated Cadillac in Original Box

Fabulous jet black example of Marusan's classic tin litho Cadillac Sedan. Rare battery operated version complete with original box. Superb excellent+ to near mint condition; with all functions operating beautifully!

Accurately designed down to the most minute detail Marusan captured the classic elegance and quality of this mid-20th century luxury automobile. For instance check out the embossed, tapered front hood with chromed divider, hood ornament and authentic gold finished Cadillac emblems. It looks like the real thing. Then there's the massive wrap around chrome plated bumpers with front and rear twin bullets. Plus the front amber parking lights and red curved taillights capped into the rear fin quarter panels. Also notice that every one of its 11 celluloid window segments are framed in chrome plating. In the interior, a metal steering wheel was used, and the dashboard was accurately lithoed and embossed. Marusan even included lithographed foot rests on the rear floorboards just like the real car. Topping it off are its correct, italicized Cadillac logos on both front quarter panels, chrome molding and side trim, and black tread rubber tires with wide whitewalls, chrome metal hubs and red centers. Like the actual Cadillac, there was no skimping on quality.

The vehicle is powered with a triple battery control box with 47" long tether. Forward and reverse buttons simultaneously light up the front headlights, while the metal steering wheel precisely controls right and left, front wheel turning. The manufacturer's logo was lithoed on the top corner edge of the rear seat.

The original two piece box is solid and heavy. It has both of its original inserts. All of its original factory staples are in place. Typically the box for this toy has a laminated paper exterior with a full panel color illustration on the cover. Interestingly, the exterior of this box is completely blank (although it was crayon lined by an aspiring young artist). There are no markings, such as glue, paper residue, surface tears, or differences in shade to indicate that it ever had a cover print. 

Size: 12½".

Sold: Dec. 2008

Price Sold: $ 3650


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