1952 Technofix Climbing Express In Original Box

1952 Technofix Climbing Express In Original Box

Scarce tin litho clockwork "Climbing Express" manufactured by Technofix. Marked "Made In U.S. Zone Germany" it's one of the company's earliest post-war toys of this type. And although they made several variations and sold them under different names this is the first example of this particular toy I've seen. It comes complete with its original box and Technofix key.

The toy consists of a single automatic-reverse, auto-engaging clockwork train. In other words the motor is activated only when a cog underneath the vehicle engages track with a corrugated center. This occurs only when power is needed to move it uphill. For this reason one complete winding allows it to run through at least 8 complete cycles.

The main section of the yellow and green track unfolds from its compact 16" length to an immense 43" long. Two remaining see-saw tracks are placed on top of the three stanchions to form the second level.

Starting at the low end the wound-up train is placed in the direction of the arrow lithoed on its roof. It makes contact with the upgrade track, the motor is engaged, and it climbs to the top of the second level. This track section remains in the up position as it moves onto the downward track. Gravity lowers it to the bottom level where it passes underneath and reemerges from underneath the upgrade track. As it does so, the front roof of the train strikes a support (which kept it in the up position), allowing the track to drop back into position to accept it's reentry. Even if that doesn't make sense it's amazing to watch in action and best of all it works great!

It comes with a fabulous box featuring a full panel color illustration of the Climbing Express emerging from a tunnel (just like the toy). The countryside and elevated bridge are shown in the background. The front and rear box aprons show a simple red and white print of the over under concept (through a tunnel and across a bridge). The endflaps include the manufacturer name and catalog number.

It comes with its correct nickel plated cast iron embossed Technofix key.

43". Train approx. 3-3 4"

Date Sold: May 2011

Price Sold: $ 451


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