c.1935 T.A (Japan), “Mechanical Hungry Chicks” in Original Box

c.1935 T.A (Japan), “Mechanical Hungry Chicks” in Original Box

Called “Mechanical Hungry Chicks” this wind-up whirligig closely resembles several other early Japanese celluloid toys. It’s in pristine mint condition and works great. Unfortunately I was unable to identify the Japanese manufacturer (T.A within a diamond).

Hungry chicks is a “basic” mechanical toy which was made not to look basic. It rotates. Technically that’s its only action. But it was cleverly designed to look like it does much more.

First there’s lots of colors for the kiddies to watch. The top is tilted slightly, which allows rotating things to hit stationary things more randomly. The 4 chicks bob in and out each time they’re struck by a star-flower. The top of the nest above the chicks has several bumps. Three brass bells strike the bumps as they rotate producing a random musical sound. As it moves faster the chicks are struck less often. As the spring motor winds down the chicks are struck more frequently. The large white mother hen rotates just above the foursome. Pretty clever toy especially when you consider that it weighs only 1½ oz. Its only marking is “Japan” on the underside. I couldn’t find a trademark. The canopy separates from the bottom section to fit inside the box.

The box has a simple yellow, pink, and white illustrated print on the cover. The trademark, toy name and made in japan were included. The double negative “non-inflammable” was added meaning that it’s flammable. And the trade name for the nitrocellulose used was “Acetiloid”. This material was produced by the American Cellulose Company.

Price Sold: $ 40


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