c.1934 Sharron, No.20s Cast Aluminum Pierce Arrow Sedan

c.1934 Sharron, No.20s Cast Aluminum Pierce Arrow Sedan

Very little is known about the Sharron company; a Depression-era firm which produced cast iron-looking vehicles for less than 5 years. Apparently the few known Sharron vehicles were manufactured as part of a work-study program sponsored by the Eastern Mennonite College in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Production was extremely limited until it ceased altogether, but not before local chain stores had placed a handful of orders. In 20 years this is the first Sharron toy I’ve found.

Closely resembling 2-piece cast iron construction Sharron produced all of their toys from melted down scrap aluminum. They were designed by a craftsman from Hubley and were not marked, or identified in any way. It’s not known why a high-end automobile like the Pierce-Arrow was chosen as the subject vehicle. Open cockpit racers and a side-dump Mack truck were the only other vehicles produced.

This colorful red and yellow car features a unique 2-piece combination of 1) most of the body including divided front and rear windshields, front bumper, doors and side panels, fenders, hood and rear trunk with 2) front hood, grille, radiator, tail lights and driver with steering wheel. The driver even has a simple nose and eyes.

One part locks into the other from the underside and are virtually inseparable. They can be separated only after the front axle is removed.

Tail lights, head lights, radiator ornament and grille divider were painted with silver highlights. The wheels resemble Hubley with red wooden centers and solid white rubber tires.

And because it’s completely aluminum it’s lighter in weight and non-magnetic.

Size: 6½”. 

Sold: Oct. 2012

Price Sold: $ 150


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