1925 McDowell Mfg. Co., “The Speedway” in Original Box

1925 McDowell Mfg. Co., “The Speedway” in Original Box

Museum quality condition! Only example of either the toy or box I’ve seen anywhere.

This toy has to be one of my all-time best finds ever! Although produced 87 years ago it looks like it just came out of the factory. And EVERYTHING is original. No repairs, no repainting, no nothing. It’s virtually in mint condition and has never been played with.  In fact, the cars were found still in their original factory bag.

AND it comes with its original box which is one of the best I’ve seen for any toy of this vintage. It’s absolutely amazing and also looks like new, yet it’s nearly a century old; and without any restoration.

The toy is made from lithographed steel plate not tin. A smaller modern, thin tinplate reproduction has been sold by the Schylling Company for at least a decade. It’s easily discernable from the original!

While researching “The Speedway” I found only one reference. It was available in the 1925 Butler Bros. toy catalog for $1.50. The original description read,

“14 in. diameter representing race track, four 2 in. racing autos with chauffeurs, 4¼” x  3” center representing grandstand. 7 bright colors with lithographed figures. Platform has oscillating movement causing autos to dart ahead in rapid manner”.

It was never reoffered.

In addition to the four autos it still has its original green, baked enamel, painted steel key.

The box was beautifully color printed directly onto the cardboard. It’s not applied. It features an excellent illustration of the actual toy. Below the image is the term, “The Only Mechanical Auto-Race Made”. *And for several weeks or months they were correct. Three box aprons include the toy name. The fourth has a small, boxed list of instructions along with the manufacturer name. Like all other McDowell toys I’ve seen there is no manufacturer name on the toy.

Sold: May 2012

*see also Marx "Whee-Whiz Auto Racer" Louis Marx produced a very similar toy called the “Whee-Whiz Auto Racer” only several weeks or months after the introduction of “The Speedway”. The key difference between the two toys; the circular track sits on top of the base, rather than the base protruding through the center. The Marx track is also 1” smaller in diameter. The action is identical.

Price Sold: $ 3400


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