c.1951 Daito, Remote Control Concept Car in Original Box

c.1951 Daito, Remote Control Concept Car in Original Box

This two seater tin litho convertible resembles a cross between a concept Buick LeSabre (front) and a Studebaker (rear). Both of these car styles were introduced in 1951. The toy is from a collection owned by an early 1950's U.S. importer. And like several other toys I purchased from the same source it's never been played with and is in near mint condition. I've also never seen it before. It comes complete with its original box.

As you can see it's a two tone, red and sand colored, convertible. It has an embossed interior, solid single chassis plate, black solid rubber tires, and chrome plated accessories (front and rear bumpers, windshield frame, and wheel covers). It also has the unusual aspect of running on one single D-cell battery. The 33" long wire tethered blue remote control switch has only a single forward/reverse fiberboard switch, but that's all you need to make it run, plus the interior is spotless. And it works great! The car is marked only "Made In Japan" near the rear bumper and embossed "Japan" on the chassis.

The colorful box shows an accurate illustration of the toy including the remote control unit. It's drawn in perspective with a very futuristic appearance. The only name given was "Remote Control Car". The manufacturer name and Japan were printed on the lower left cover corner. 

Size: 6".

Sold: Dec. 2008

Price Sold: $ 70


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