c.1955 Yonezawa Dog Shuttling Train In Original Box

c.1955 Yonezawa Dog Shuttling Train In Original Box

Never heard, or seen, this toy before I found this example. Called "Dog Shuttling Train Set" it's a fairly complex tin litho battery operated toy manufactured by Yonezawa. Based on its appearance when I opened the box I doubt if it was ever assembled. It's in pristine near mint+ to mint condition, complete with all 10 parts, and works great! It has its original box (grades near mint) which includes all 5 original inserts.

The toy include a battery operated shuttling train; meaning that it runs sideways along a track from end to end and is self-reversing. The 6" long shuttling train runs back and forth over chrome plated grooves set into the track. Four track sections fit together for a combined length of 39". An automatic loader containing four tin litho "sugar barrels" is set onto one end. The unloader with loading dock is placed on the opposite end.

Manning the controls is a vinyl pup dressed in "blue collar" work clothing complete with engineer's cap. He sits at the center of bucket loading train. Placing all 4 barrels onto the loader; start the train at the middle of the track. It scoots to the left end where the loader with barrels is located. The bucket arm on the train lowers automatically, strikes the barrel release tab, tilts the bucket, which allows a single barrel to fall inside it. Once the barrel is secure it raises the arm, the shuttle starts up again, and it proceeds to the opposite end where the unloader is located. The support arm lowers, tilts the bucket, and releases the single barrel onto the loading dock. It then automatically raises the bucket arm and scoots back to the loader to grab another barrel. It repeats this four times until all the barrels have been individually brought over to the loading dock. It's one of the neatest toys to watch in action. Everything works correctly, without any slowness or hesitation. It uses only a single D-cell battery.

The train is marked "Cragston" the U.S. importer and distributor. The left end of the train has the manufacturer's trademark.

The box features a full panel color illustration of the entire process. The train is shown at the point where it releases the barrels onto the loading dock. Instructions for assembly and operation are printed on the rear apron. It still has it's original $4.50 price sticker (which was a lot of money in the mid-50's) on one end.

Sold: Apr. 2011

Price Sold: $ 215


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