c.1947 H.Wimmer, Bakelite & Tin, Fire Truck in Original Box

c.1947 H.Wimmer, Bakelite & Tin, Fire Truck in Original Box

An unusual combination of Bakelite and lithographed tin was used to manufacture this early post war hook and ladder fire truck. Manufactured by a small  company located in Nürnberg, Germany it comes complete with its original box and key. 

This is the first Heinrich Wimmer toy I've sold. Actually I haven't seen too many besides this one. It's identified by the scrolled "HWN" trademark lithoed on the side of the truck trailer (see last box photo). HWN = Heinrich Wimmer Nürnberg. It separates into a cab and trailer section, with the clockwork motor contained inside the cab. This half of the truck, except for the chassis was made from Bakelite. The head lights are painted on. 

The original key, still inside its original envelope fits neatly into the keyhole located in the driver's side door. Four of the gears are visible. Looking through the cab windows you can see the internal ribbon spring. The cab has a hitch (unused) and four solid rubber tread tires. This section of the truck is unmarked.

The trailer section is all embossed tin litho. It has a simple, manually raised rotating ladder. There are no scratches or nicks on the inner ladder sides to indicate that it held an extension. The back of the trailer has two long benches facing each other. "$1.29" was written on one of the benches. A cutout section on the rear holds the ladder in place. It also has small rear step. The trailer has four solid rubber tread tires plus a single, smaller tin litho parking wheel. One side is marked with the company trademark; the other with it's country of origin. 

The motor works great and the key fits correctly without rubbing against the Bakelite.

The original box is heavy gauge cardboard without illustration or text. The endflaps still have their original U.S. distributor's stamp on both endflaps (Otto Raeder, Paramus, NJ). "Fire Engine" and "1.29" price were written on one panel. This was also rewritten on one of the endflaps in grease pencil, along with multiple stampings by the distributor. "Hook and Ladder" was written underneath this text. The original packing material is still inside the box.

Size: 8¾" with the two sections connected.

Sold: Jan. 2009

Price Sold: $ 462


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