1958 Marx Lazy Day Farm Pick-Up Truck & Trailer in Original Box

1958 Marx Lazy Day Farm Pick-Up Truck & Trailer in Original Box

This is the only example of the Marx pressed steel combination set Lazy Day Dairy Farms Pick-up Truck and Trailer that I've ever seen, or heard of. Although the body style was used as early as 1951 this set wasn't issued until 1958. This was unused store stock, never played with. Even more unusual is that it was factory produced with Wyandotte wheels!  These wheels were Wyandotte's final design before the company filed for bankruptcy in 1957. As with other defunct competitors, Marx apparently purchased Wyandotte parts as left-over stock cost savings and used it on their own models. The Marx body was a carry over as well, and was last used in 1954. The trailer was in current use at the time for other Marx products. Knowing the company's history, it's possible that Marx was trying to make the best use of obsolete parts. Whatever the reason may be, it's a particularly scarce set.

Both the truck and trailer bodies, chassis, and frames are pressed steel. The truck has a split front windshield, extended fenders front and rear, and swing down tailgate. The trailer has identical fenders and tailgate. The truck also has large cream and black "Registered Stock" decals with the Marx logo on both doors. The logo is also stamped into the bottom of the pick-up and trailer beds. 

The Lazy Day Dairy Farms stake rail sides are tin litho and are removable. They come in their original waxed paper packaging. The trucks front hood divider, grille and bumper assembly are polished tin. The heavy duty tread wheels are solid rubber with red plastic hubs. Each is embossed with the Wyandotte logo. All six wheels, four on the truck and two on the trailer, are identical. Wyandotte introduced the wheel design on some '52 models, but it was predominately in use from 1954-56.

The box has a beautiful full panel single color red illustration of the truck and trailer on both sides. The "58" marker sign between the two vehicles is also the same year that the set was used. Difficult to say if that was coincidental, however I used its model #875 printed on the endflaps to date it. One set of endflaps is still factory sealed. It has its original cardboard insert, brown paper protector, and waxed paper packing.

Size: Truck 15", Trailer 11".

Sold: Dec. 2008

Price Sold: $ 777


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