c.1957 Linemar Davy Crockett Stagecoach Wagon In Original Box

c.1957 Linemar Davy Crockett Stagecoach Wagon In Original Box

Rare boxed pair of tin litho "vehicles". Davy Crockett Stagecoach and Frontier Wagon appear unused in their original box complete with insert. Both grade near mint.

Although they occasionally turn up individually this is the first time I've found the pair and the first original box I've seen. Both are also the highest grade examples I've seen.

Davy Crockett Frontier Wagon (5½") features a hatless three dimensional figure behind the reins of a pair of running horses. Lithoed arrows are shown hanging from the sides of his Conestoga cover. Davy has a stick in his right hand (often missing) to drive the horses faster. On the rear step is lithoed "Remember The Alamo". The wagon runs on four spoke wagon wheels complete with their original rubber treads.

Davy Crockett Stagecoach (5¼") This time Davy's standing upright with a pair of reins in each hand (both reins original). He's even sportin' his famed coonskin cap. Horses are lithoed in a slower pace position which accounts for the ¼" difference in length between the two toys. The coach has lithoed windows showing right and left side views with 2 occupants facing each other. On the coach roof, in back of Davy, is a box marked "Gold". And behind that is a separately tabbed rack of suitcases and bundles.

Original box 6" x 5½" x 2¼", features a fine western type illustration of the two Davy's waving to each other as they pass along the plains. Like the toys, the wagon shows Davy moving much faster than the coach. Two box aprons include another graphic of the Wagon under attack with arrow a'flyin'. The coach, this time running, is coming up behind. The other two aprons feature the long name of the toy set against a pseudo-wood grain panel.

Sold: Apr. 2011 $355

Price Sold: $ 355


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