c.1935 Blair Labs, Unused Salesman Samples in Original Case

c.1935 Blair Labs, Unused Salesman Samples in Original Case

Unused salesman samples manufactured by Blair Laboratories, Lynchburg, VA. Contains 14 products in their original salesman's traveling case complete with unused customer receipt pad. Their products are still being manufactured, but under a different company name.

The case is made from thick heavy cardboard and wood covered with a green, simulated leather textured covering.  The matching green stained handle is real leather set into two riveted, steel brackets. The two piece front latches and rear hinges are also metal. The inside case cover is colored in light green paper and has five simulated endorsements including a facsimile of an actual "seal of approval" certificate. You can still make out a 1927 date on several of them.

The 14 products run the gauntlet from creams, powder, perfume, and laxatives to glue and furniture polish. The containers are all full with the exception of the perfume which evaporated. The foam rubber insert and waffle paper packing is new. Here's the list along with the type of container.

  • Foot Balm (glass) 
  • La Deb perfume (glass) 
  • Men's N.B.O. Deodorant creme (N.B.O. = No body odor) (opaque glass) 
  • Snow White Bleaching Creme (tin litho container) 
  • Pink-Lax Gum (box) 
  • Nux & Iron Compound (wooden bottle) 
  • Stypic Pencils (glass tube with metal cap) 
  • Loveli Powder (box) 
  • Household cement (boxed metal tube) 
  • Peroxide Cream (glass) 
  • Witch Hazel Cream (glass) 
  • Verifine Imitation Vanilla Flavoring (glass with cork stopper) 
  • Cocoanut Oil Shampoo (glass) 
  • Furniture Polish (glass with cork stopper) 

Also included is the original unused customer receipt pad. Measuring approx. 4" x 6" it has the good housekeeping seal on the cover, a personal customer message, and an ad for Pink-Lax gum. The pad is complete right down to original unused carbon papers. Each piece has a blank "193_" date on them which helped identify the age of this product set.

Size: Case 14" x 12" x 3½". Weight 9½ lbs.

Sold: Nov. 2008

Price Sold: $ 416


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