1947 Marx, Jumpin' Jeep in Original Box

1947 Marx, Jumpin' Jeep in Original Box

Jumpin' Jeep was a popular post-war seller for the Marx company. Many were sold, but few escaped the clutches of "little hands". Although the toy is somewhat easier to find than some other late 40's Marx toys, a high grade unused example is exceedingly scarce. Superb near mint with its original box. The box grades an incredible near mint.

It's basically a mechanical tin litho vehicle featuring four military men in uniform driving erratically in any direction. Also known as an "eccentric" vehicle its movement is quick and completely random. Moving forward, reverse, or rotating is variable.

The colorful toy was lithoed pale yellow and khaki. The four wheel, two large in back (2#") and two small up front (1½"), are black treaded with brown centers. The front passenger soldier holds machine gun while the two rear soldier hold carbine rifles. The windshield consists of a windowless flattened, rectangular steel bar. The three dimensional heads used in this toys were the same as used in several pre-war racers.

The box was illustrated with amusing cartoon-like characters in bright, contrasting colors. Two panels show the jeep with bystanding officers pointing and peeping out in amazement. The other two panels show the four soldiers riding their jeep up a rocky mountain terrain. 

The toy originally sold for 79¢.

Size: 5½"

Sold: May 2009

Price Sold: $ 275


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