1954 Yoshiya, Studebaker Commander Coupe in Original Box

1954 Yoshiya, Studebaker Commander Coupe in Original Box

Brilliant cherry red, tin litho Studebaker Commander manufactured in Japan by Yoshiya. Friction drive two-door auto comes complete with original box. 

Originally available in 2 dr, 4 dr, and station wagon models it came standard with "vinyl and nylon two-tone hardtop, a vinyl interior, a new modern appearance" and "frugal operation".  

The toy produced by Yoshiya with box printed by AHI, was an accurate rendition of the actual vehicle. The body is bright red throughout with a black, single plate chassis. The front wheels may be swiveled to either side. Chrome parts include the two piece grille, front and rear bumpers, headlights, hood ornament, front and rear windshield frames, side trim, door handles, and whitewall wheel covers. The windshields are the original celluloid. Tires are solid black rubber. The friction drive motor powers the rear wheels and it works great; without any hesitation. The underside chassis is embossed "Japan" and is the only identifying mark on the car. 

The box cover was printed with a panel wide illustration of The Commander parked in front of a large home. Notice the palm trees! The driver, a woman, is talking to a little girl standing beside the car. The cover is marked with both the Yoshiya KO trademark and AHI. The front and back aprons show an overhead view of the car. The Studebaker name was printed on every box cover panel. The box bottom still has its original JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) import sticker. The letter designation "Z" on the sticker represents the miscellaneous category. The code numbers 7113 and 7114 (small nonelectrical metal products) were withdrawn in 1956. 

Size: 9".

Sold: Mar. 2009

Price Sold: $ 355


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