1954 Gong Bell Mfg., No.402 Police Chief Ride-On Motorcycle

1954 Gong Bell Mfg., No.402 Police Chief Ride-On Motorcycle

Really neat, unusual "ride-on" toy manufactured by Gong Bell Mfg., East Hampton, CT. Called the "Police Chief Motorcycle" it's made from a combination of lithographed paper on wood, pressed steel, and rubber. I've never seen it before and found only one (Internet) reference. I've graded it as excellent to excellent+ without any repairs or touch-up.

The body and the upright section between the handlebars are e made from printed chromolithographed paper applied to both sides of #" thick wood. Intense primary colors and 3-dimensional shadowing were used along with lots of realistic looking details such as saddle bags, twin piston engine, smoke emitting exhaust pipes, radio, tool box, gas tank, and ignition switch. 

The contoured seat, front fork, and training wheel supports are painted pressed steel. The 7" diameter wheels are lithographed pressed steel with rubber rims. The handlebars are polished steel and have their original black rubber hand grips. A single bolt holds the front wheel bracket to the body for easy disassembly. The handle bars can also be removed.

The manufacturer's name was printed on both sides of the gas tank. The Gong Bell trademark is on the left saddlebag. A rotating, enclosed bell drum is attached to the inside of both rear wheels. They're 3" in diameter. The axles are covered with an aluminum cap.

Size: 22" x 14". The rear axle is 8" wide. Handlebars are 13" wide. Seat is 6½" wide. Weight: 5+lbs. 

Sold: Jan. 2010

Price Sold: $ 164


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