1952 Tatsuya, Ford Good Humor Truck in Original Box

1952 Tatsuya, Ford Good Humor Truck in Original Box

Fantastic friction drive tin litho Ford Good Humor Truck manufactured by Tatsuya (KTS) . Complete with original box marked "Lang Craft". Both toy and box in excellent+ to near mint condition.

Measuring 11" long this was the largest 1950's tin litho truck which was authorized to use the "Good Humor Ice Cream" trademark. It's completely white with accurate details including the bitten ice cream bar, caution sign, watch for children sign on the front hood, list of flavors, and of course the hanging driver's side bell. 

The base model is a '52 Ford with its awesome chrome plated front grille and yellow plastic head lights. It has a single drivers door and open passenger side. The interior includes a single brown driver's seat, detailed dashboard and floorboard, black tin litho steering wheel, and raised (passenger side) compartment. It also has its original celluloid windshield.

The rear freezer has raised "peach ice cream" signs on both sides, a sliding slanting red and white striped roof, and rear opening compartment door. The chassis is a single, black tin litho embossed plate. The truck is not marked with the manufacturer's trademark. 

The tires are solid black rubber with embossed and plated metal centers. It also has chrome plated front and rear bumpers, plus handles on the sliding roof and rear door. 

The box was printed primarily in blue and white and highlighted with yellow details. The top of the box has a cartoon-like drawing of the truck. Icicles were used to underline the "Good Humor" and "Ice Cream Truck" names. The Lang Craft name was printed in large script on the upper right corner. Lang Craft was also an importer of Japanese built wooden and tin litho ships and boats. And like these toys nautical rope was used to frame the graphics on the top and sides. Large single bitten ice cream bars were printed on the front and rear aprons. The Lang Craft nautical logo life preserver was printed on the side aprons (L&C= Lang Craft, NY= New York, H= probably the town where the company was located). 

Size: 11". 

Price Sold: $ 686


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