1961 Mattel, Official Beany-Copter Sealed on Original Card

1961 Mattel, Official Beany-Copter Sealed on Original Card

Mattel produced several unusual toys based on the popular Beany and Cecil Show. For a short time one of the most sought after was the Official Beany-Copter. Even in 1961 it was considered scarce. Which is why I couldn't believe when I found this example. Not only is it complete, but it's in never been used and in mint condition still sealed and stapled to its original factory card. It's the first one I've seen.

It has 3 parts. Actually 5 if you include the "secret" holder covers which are almost always lost. The toy consists of two, (1) yellow and (1) blue, 5¼" plastic copter propellers. The center of each copter has a small holder for "secret messages". A cover is temporarily attached by sprue to the holder. Once it's removed the cover is a separate part. Of course, it was usually the first thing lost.

The Beany is bright red plastic, 5½" diameter, with copter launcher attached to the top. A yellow cord hangs on opposite sides of the launcher. On the front is a large, glossy color sticker of Beany and Cecil with the Mattel trademark.

The idea was to manually attach and wind one of the propellers onto the launcher. Place the Beany on your head. The yellow cords are threaded through the Beany and held together with a plastic slider. Tighten it "to your chin" by pushing up on the slider. Theoretically the copter would launch when "you pull down easy" on the slider. Yeah, right! It was a great idea, but e ven back in '61 they were considered unsafe. 

The skimpy packaging consists of a die cut, color printed card, folded backwards onto itself at the bottom and stapled together. A schematic and complex instructions were printed on this folded section (which ended up on the back of the card). The front has color cartoon images of Beany and Cecil printed in the upper corners along with lots and lots of text. A die cuts secure the Beany and propellers in place. The cardboard was almost always thrown away.

Size: 17" x 10". 

Sold: Apr. 2010

Price Sold: $ 114


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