c.1930 Hubley, Basket Doorstop & Door Knocker in Original Boxes

c.1930 Hubley, Basket Doorstop & Door Knocker in Original Boxes

Incredible Hubley find consisting of two cast iron pieces; doorstop and door knocker. Both have never been used. Paint is 100% original without any touch-up or repainting. Includes super rare original box with full Hubley label and brown paper packing. The knocker comes with its original unused mounting screw. 

The basket is embossed on the reverse side with Hubley catalog number 152. The Hubley box label simply calls it "Basket" and is stamped "PINK". More specifically it represents a woven white basket with handle set onto a dark pink base. The underside of the base has its original green felt pad. I believe the flowers are a combination of wild roses, nasturtiums, a daisy, and greenery. 

The door knocker is embossed with Hubley catalog number 124 on its reverse side. It has both the flower basket knocker and oval door mount which are held together with a rivet hinge. It also has its original painted white head mounting screw. The knocker represents a white urn filled with wild roses, poppies, nasturtiums, and greenery tied with a large pink bow. The oval mount is white with recessed pink rectangular perimeter. 

The knocker may possibly be from a different set, but it's difficult to say for sure since the basket matches so close in color, appearance, and condition. 

The plain 2-piece narrow wall cardboard box was printed on one end with The Hubley Manufacturing Co. and other (obscured) text. It has its original Hubley label with octagonal "art line" trademark. It has the correct matching No.152 catalog number. Also printed on the label is the company and product name. The product color, PINK, is stamped. It still has its original brown packing paper inside the box.

Basket Size: 7". 

Knocker Size: 4". 

Sold: May 2010

Price Sold: $ 460


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