c.1967 Structo, 14pc. Construction Set in Original Box

c.1967 Structo, 14pc. Construction Set in Original Box

Pristine, unused mint in box 14 piece pressed steel and plastic "Construction Set" by Structo. A similar and more common Super Sandy "Road Construction Set" was produced in 1969 with modifications in colors and complexity of some of the parts.

As indicated on the box inventory list the set includes a Bulldozer, Dump Truck, Sand Loader, Sand Hopper, and 10 piece sign set. This last item, the 10 piece sign set, should have included a "Slow Down" sign. However it was not inside the box. To replace this part I've included a Marx battery operated 4-way electric Stop and Go Signal. It's color is identical to the Structo pieces and it's actually much more complex. 

Lever action Bulldozer - (12" long including scraper) - Its lift raises to 3 positions and unloads. With moving treads. All steel body, shovel, and lift arms with vinyl treads, exhaust stack, and plastic wheels. 

Structo Dump Truck - 9" - Push down lever raises dump bed automatically and tailgate swings open. Steel cab, trailer and dump bed. Clear plastic wrap around windshield encloses entire cab. With plastic wheels, front grille, and steering wheel.

Sand Loader with Funnel and Bucket Conveyor - 15" extended - Hand crank loader/funnel combination with 3-position conveyor. Heavy duty plastic with vinyl conveyor belt. The 1969 set used a sand platform instead of the large funnel. 

Sand Hopper - 8½" - Large hopper which unloads when truck trips lever. Heavy duty plastic. 1969 set marked outside of hopper with Super Sandy logo.

Sign Set - Plastic railroad crossing sign (4½"), stop sign (3¼"), detour sign (4"), and 6 safety cones (1½").

4-way Electric Stop Sign - 8" - Dept. of Traffic battery operated unit with off/on lever by Marx. Has both red and green signals on each panel. Works great. Produced mid-1950's. (Replaces Structo Slow Down sign as indicated).

Box - 17" x 13" x 5". All text with one opened side flap. Don't know if it had inserts, but there aren't any inside the box. 

Sold: Oct. 2010

Price Sold: $ 158


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