1965 Marx, Turnpike Construction Set in Original Box

1965 Marx, Turnpike Construction Set in Original Box

Incredible multi-vehicle pressed steel Turnpike Construction Set produced by Marx. Also includes original box. Set is near mint and has never been played with. Comes complete with all six plastic figures in their original bag. 

Huge heavy gauge steel set includes Mechanical Power Shovel, Road Grader, and 2pc. Rocker Dump Truck. Vehicle bodies are a brilliant mandarin orange color with black chassis/accessories, and black tires with plated metal centers. Paint is all original without any touch-up's or repainting. Nothing has been repaired or replaced. 

Here's the breakdown:

Mechanical Power Shovel - Orange cab, shovel, and shovel arm. With black chassis, crane, and rubber wheels with rubber treads. The sand release door on the shovel is also black. Features include 360º swivel body, rotating wheels & treads, and manual wind mechanical crane & shovel. Continuous rotation of the crank (located on the right side of the cab) controls height, extension, and sand release functions.

Size: With shovel extended 18½", max. shovel height 14". Cab 8" long, 7" tall, 6" wide. 

Road Grader - Orange with black tires and black plastic engine. Features include rotating grader blade. Blade deck can also be raised and lowered. Front wheels are steerable using the steering wheel which extends out from the rear cab window. Tires are vinyl with plated metal centers.

Size: 17" long. 

Rocker Dump Truck - Consists of 7" long, two wheel orange open cab with engine with black plastic seat and control. This is connected to a 12" long, two wheeled triangular dump bin. The bin is orange while the support beam is black. It's all steel. The bin can be separated from the cab. A steering crank on the front of the dump support beam has its original black cord which can raise and lower the bin. Tires are vinyl with plated metal centers.

Size: 18" long connected. 

Construction men figures with original bag.

Pale yellow soft plastic. Includes flagman with detonator, man with dirt shovel, man operating jack hammer, man holding raised sledge hammer, man with raised pick, and foreman holding plans.

Size: Each is approximately 3" tall. 


Orange and black details with white background. 90% of it's original mailing label remains on one side. Top cover shows the three vehicles and all six workers. Two sides have black silhouettes of the vehicles. The other two have similar silhouettes of the workmen. Includes all four original top box flaps. 

Size: 20" x 18½" x 8".

Sold: Mar. 2010

Price Sold: $ 439


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