1962 Nylint, Pepsi (Ford) Delivery Truck in Original Box

1962 Nylint, Pepsi (Ford) Delivery Truck in Original Box

Nylint's Pepsi Delivery Truck is an especially difficult vehicle to find. However, because of its brilliant red, white and blue paint high grade examples are almost impossible to locate.

This example was never played and only just recently removed from the original box. The paint is 100% intact. I've conservatively graded it as near mint+ to mint condition. It comes complete with its original box which is also unbelievable difficult to find. Plus it has its original cases of Pepsi and steel miniature hand truck!

The Pepsi Delivery Truck was produced for 5 years, but only the earliest are without a zip code address. It's all heavy gauge pressed steel with baked on painted enamel surfaces. It has chrome plated bumpers, grille, headlights and wheel covers embossed "FORD" in raised letters. Specifically the model is a Ford C-600. The tires are solid vinyl, not hollow cores, and the whitewalls are vinyl as well. The axles are steel rods. The windshield is transparent polystyrene plastic.

The delivery storage section of the truck is divided into three compartments on both sides. On the back wall of the compartment is a 6-pack of bottled Pepsi in its cardboard carrier. The second is large soda (pop) bottle cap. The third is an individual upright bottle of Pepsi. The important thing to know about these six graphics (3 on each side) is that these are lithographed images. They're not decals or stickers, but are lithoed directly onto the metal surfaces. 

However there are also factory applied Pepsi decals. The condition of these is exactly the way they came out of the box. Their level of "intactness" is due solely upon age and random chance. 1) Each door has the Pepsi bottle cap logo on a yellow background. 2) The delivery truck sides include a decal with the early 60's advertisement "Say - Pepsi. please". This decal was applied over an embossed raised surface and is almost always partially obliterated, or completely gone. 3) Is a large 3½" x 2¾" decal on the rear panel. It includes the ad slogan plus the Pepsi cap logo. This is the only example I've seen which is 100% complete and in mint condition. 4) And lastly is the oval "Nylint Toys" logo on the front of the cab. Although laying recessed between the headlight I've never seen a complete decal until I found this example. Like the rear panel it's in mint condition. 

The truck comes with its four original two-piece plastic cases of Pepsi. I've seen a toy guide which stated that it should contain six cases, however, four were in the sealed box when it was opened. It also has it's original polished pressed steel hand truck.

The box is just as beautiful as the truck! Printed in red, white, and blue it features an accurate illustration of the actual truck on every graphic panel. Only the "information" panel is all text.  It's complete with all eight original endflaps and has no repairs. 

The truck was originally ordered by mail from Montgomery Ward by its first (and only) owner. Two Ward paper labels were fixed to the outside of the box. One of these indicates that this wasn't the truck originally ordered. Apparently it was shipped as a substitute after the buyer's first choice was out of stock. The second paper label is also from Montgomery Ward. It's a shipping label with the first initial and last name of the original buyer written in pen "F. Smith".

As with several other toys I've recently purchased this was acquired from an Indiana estate. It was found in an attic, unused and unopened since new. The toy was owned by an elderly couple who acquired toys for their grandchildren to play with when visiting.... so they wouldn't be bored. And like so many others were never even opened.

Size: 16½". 

Sold: May 2010

Price Sold: $ 405


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