1960 Fisher-Price #234 Nifty Station Wagon in Original Box

1960 Fisher-Price #234 Nifty Station Wagon in Original Box

It's taken me nearly 20 years, but I finally found a pristine, never played with, mint in box Fisher-Price Nifty Station Wagon and this is it! It was recently discovered in an attic in Indiana. It was originally purchased by an elderly couple for their grand-kids when they came to visit so they shouldn't be bored. Until two months ago it had never been removed from the original box.

Also included are the original inserts and 16 page color comic which advertises other Fisher-Price products. 

The toy is a lithographed paper on wood station wagon automobile designed in the late 1950's style. The roof supports and front grille assembly are plastic. It comes complete with all four original figures (father, mother, son, and pup), plus its original pull string. 

The vehicle was designed with a red body, white roof and grille, and faux wooden side slats. The tires are also wood. It has a detailed paper lithoed dashboard and red, white, and black paisley interior. 

The car was featured as the lead new toy at the 1960 Toy Fair in New York City. The four figures fit into peg holes in the cars interior. It has several really neat features. 1) As it moves the two figures in the back seat rotate. 2) The car, Nifty, eyes roll up and down. 3) It produces a loud motor sound. 4) The roof and roof supports are removable. 5) The tail-gate folds down and up (It's never been folded down).

It comes with its original red, white, and blue photo box showing a boy playing with the toy. Details about the car were printed on the box sides, while the bottom was left blank. The endflaps show a totally assembled illustration of the toy. The inner flaps on each end interlock to prevent the car from rolling out of the box. It has its original cardboard insert which fixes to the front roof peg. The features of the toy are printed on this insert. It also has a second cardboard insert. Also included is the original 7¾" x 3¼" comic book "Guide To Fisher-Price Toys".

Size: 13½". 

Sold: Apr. 2010

Price Sold: $ 480


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