1955, Tonka No.825 Aerial Sand Loader Set in Original Box

1955, Tonka No.825 Aerial Sand Loader Set in Original Box

Spectacular 2-piece pressed steel, aluminum, and die cast zinc metal Aerial Sand Loader Set manufactured by Tonka. Never used or played with and only just recently opened. Near mint to mint condition complete with gigantic original box. 

Set consists of two tier Aerial Sand Loader made from a frame of pressed aluminum tubing (25" x 15½" x 7"). 

The top tier uses a 7½" long, track guided pressed steel Moving Tram with a working clam shovel loader and corrugated aluminum roof. The Tram moves horizontally from one end to the other using a single, manually wound die cast, zinc crank with beaded chain. Three sets of pulleys provides full right and full left positioning. Once in place a second crank inside the tram lowers or raises the clam shovel. It uses a separate lever and push knob to open and close the shovel. The Tram has all four decals original factory decals which are 100% intact.  

The lower tier is equipped with a 6" long manual sliding pressed steel Sand Hopper with pull-down release mechanism. The Tonka logo decal on either side of the hopper was the earliest style used (1947-1955). Both are factory original and 100% intact. 

Also included is a 13" long pressed steel dump truck with manual dump bed and tail gate release. These are controlled using separate levers to raise and lower the dump bed and open and close the tail gate. The truck is all pressed steel and has 1956 style Tonka logo decals on both the driver and passenger doors. Both are 100% intact. It runs on six heavy tread solid black rubber tires (two rear tandems, and one pair of singles up front) with chrome plated metal covers. It has both of its original rubber mud flaps. 

This set is especially difficult to find in high grade condition. However, it's unbelievable that it comes in its original box which is 100% complete with all eight original endflaps. The bottom set of flaps is still factory sealed. A graphic showing the Tram Loader, Frame, and Hopper with Dump Truck was printed in red on both main box panels. The catalog number and name were included in the upper left corner. One of the side panels still has its original mailing label complete with order number from Tonka Toys, Inc., Mound, MN. to Osco Drug, Fort Dodge, IA. 

Size: Box: approx. 27" x 10" x 21". 

Sold: Jul: 2010

Price Sold: $ 1502


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