c.1960 Haji, Battery Operated Tinplate Train Set in Original Box

c.1960 Haji, Battery Operated Tinplate Train Set in Original Box

Here's a train set which in its entirety measures only about a foot (12") long. Yet, it's a battery operated toy and comes with its own track. The toy is complete with original box and inserts. Best of all it works great!

Despite its size the cars are incredibly well detailed. The 4" long locomotive for instance has twin polished tin wheels with rubber spokes on both sides; plus a plated side rail! Marked "Santa Fe",  "2315", and manufacturer's trademark it's powered by only a single "C" cell battery. It's embossed, has four die cut windows, a start/stop switch, and a little motor which works great! When I inserted the battery I could tell that it had never been played with. The locomotive also comes in its original die cut insert. 

The other cars include a 2½" Tender, a 3" long Pole Car with all three original wooden poles (rubber bands replaced), and a 3" long Santa Fe Caboose. These cars are 100% tinplate including the wheels. Simple latch couplers are provided on every other car. 

The tracks are as simple as can be. There are only four pieces; each is arced and made from polished tinplate. They form a perfect circle with a 17" diameter. Each is 13" long, or approximately 4-1/3 feet long. 

The set comes in a beautifully illustrated full color box. Every panel has an edge perforated drawing. Schematics direct the user to fold these pieces of cardboard creating nine accessory signal signs, a water tower, and even a mountain tunnel. None of them have ever been punched out. In addition to the locomotive insert there's also a separator insert which protects the cars from rubbing against the car. And all of this fits into a 6" x 11" x 1½" box and weighs less than a pound! The cover is also marked "A Royal Creation". I'm not familiar with this company, but I'm assuming they were the U.S. distributor.

Like so many other toys I recently found, this train set comes from the estate of an elderly Indiana couple. They had purchased many toys for their grandchildren to play with while visiting. It was put up in the attic and promptly forgotten.

Size: see above.

Sold: Jun. 2010

Price Sold: $ 89


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