1966 Japan, Batman Water Gun Sealed in Original Bag

1966 Japan, Batman Water Gun Sealed in Original Bag

One of the many weird toys produced on the "coat-tails" of the successful 1960's Batman television series was this very strange Batman Water Gun, or Water Pistol. Marked "No.732 Made in Hong Kong" it was actually a Japanese distributed toy. It comes complete, unused and sealed in its original factory bag with incredible full color header card. I bought this from a long time Batman collector who owned it for many years. 

The manufacturer is unknown, but whoever they were must've had some fun in designing it (note the bent-over position and placement of the trigger and fill-hole"). It was molded in styrene plastic with hand painted facial features.

It has a double sided cardboard header card with the same image on both sides. It shows a vampire-like Batman flying against a blood red sky with outstretched cape and arms fully extended. Looks like he's just about ready to swoop down on somebody, or something. The card has the same Hong Kong markings as the Water Gun along with the 39¢ price printed in the upper right corner. Both sides still have their original punch-hole in place which is really nice to have. The bag is old time transparent "crinkly" plastic which is sealed with its two original factory staples.

Any extraneous paint, chipping, or rubbing (such as around the chin, or right cheek) you may see is normal with this toy as there was no Quality Control. Chip Kidd's 1996 book, Batman Collected, published by Warner Bros. under the copyright of DC Comics has a photograph of this toy on page 58. It too is sealed in the original bag and shows almost identical markings. 

Size: 5" long.

Sold: Jun. 2010

Price Sold: $ 91


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