1996 Kenner Star Wars Ewok Buddie Prototypes

1996 Kenner Star Wars Ewok Buddie Prototypes

I've owned these Kenner Star Wars, Wicket the Ewok, Buddie prototypes since new right out of the factory. They were actually made in 1996. The production version, also shown, became available a year later in 1997. Actually there's several differences; some more obvious than others. They have only two identical similarities; they're both 8" tall and the dark brown fur is the same (material and color). Both are unplayed mint condition.

Prototypes (came in the original bag received from the factory)

  • translucent plastic colorless eyes 
  • light autumn-yellow colored hood with circular face hole
  • amber hood with circular face hole 
  • teeth are not painted 
  • nose mouth assembly slightly larger 
  • plumper and wider than production toy 
  • lighter colored chest fur with precise pelt stitching 
  • no hang hook, no Kenner tag, and no lower back identification tag 

Production Toy

  • black/brown colored eyes (pupils and irises) 
  • beige-brown hood with irregularly cut face hole 
  • white painted teeth 
  • nose mouth assembly slightly smaller 
  • narrower abdomen and not as wide 
  • slightly darker chest fur, matted to look more fur-like 
  • has all production tags 

Sold: Jun. 2010

Price Sold: $ 304


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