1952-61 Seven Classic Fisher-Price Original Toys

1952-61 Seven Classic Fisher-Price Original Toys

Includes seven (7) classic original Fisher-Price toys; five pull toys and two hand-held toys. All are predominately wooden. They all work and are complete. Each has been played with and grade from fair to very good. 

1952  No.730 Racing Rowboat - pull toy with three wooden wheels, wooden boat, sailor with rowing motion, and original bobbing pennant. The sailor's arms and oars are thick acetate. 7¾" long. 

1957  No.757 Humpty Dumpty - two sided toy with smiling face and crying face. Roller type arms, abdomen and feet. With original bell hands and acetate eyes. Size: 11"tall. 

1958  No.777 Squeaky the Clown - toy is complete with bobbing head with faint squeaking, red wooden nose, green plastic collar and piston type arms. Also with original plastic string. Size: 9" tall. 

1958  No.686 Perky Pot - crank wind toy with percolating dome and pop sound. Size: 6¾" tall. 

1960  No. 8 Bouncy Racer - complete with helmeted drive with bouncing head and moving arms. Plastic helmet and windshield, polyethylene wheels, acetate arms, wooden racer, and wooden driver head. Size: 9¾". 

1960  No.776 Gabby Goofies  - popular toy with wooden bodies, heads, and wheels. Rotating acetate disk wings. Metal connectors. Original textured vinyl hat on Mom and original plastic string. Underside of Mom has original manufacturer's paper disc. Size: 13" long.

1961  No.794 Big Bill Pelican - wooden with huge polyethylene bill that opens and closes. Makes "craw-craw" sound as it moves with pedal action. Legs and feet are also polyethylene. String replaced. Has original white vinyl head feathers. Size: 8" tall. 

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