c.1963 Aoshin, Aston Martin DB5 Patrol Car in Original Box

c.1963 Aoshin, Aston Martin DB5 Patrol Car in Original Box

Fabulous battery operated tin litho Aston Martin DB5 Highway Patrol Police Car by Aoshin, Japan. Has multiple actions, all working, and comes complete with original box and insert!

Advertised under the unassuming name of "Highway Patrol Car" this is the same DB5 Aston Martin driven by Sean Connery as James Bond 007, in the movies "Goldfinger" and "Thunderball". And like Bond's car it features the unusual action of the passenger door opening while moving. The passenger leans out holding a plastic machine gun. It lights up (fires) while emitting a RAT-TAT-TAT sound. After a few seconds the lights and sound stop, the passenger leans inwards, and the door closes....all while moving!

The car itself is a beautiful Black and White with emblems on both doors and rear trunk. "Highway Patrol" was lithoed onto both rear quarter panels. "Police" is on the front and rear trunk lids. It has two plastic figures; the driver and passenger and a dummy emergency roof light. The interior, body and underside chassis are tin litho. Chrome plated parts includes both front and rear bumpers, front and rear windshield frames, front grille, and wheel caps. It has two windshield, front and rear, which are blue tinted. The steering wheel is plastic and tires, which are steerable, are vinyl. 

The battery compartment door is also tin litho and it uses 2, D-cell batteries. One of the battery door clips is broken off, but it still closes securely and remains closed while working. I do have the broken clip which I'll include.

The box has a fantastic illustration of the Aston Martin on the cover showing the passenger door completely open with the cop leaning out firing the machine gun. In actuality it was designed to open about a ½". The front and rear aprons also show the door fully open with the cop leaning out. It includes the full box bottom and original die cut insert.

Size: 11". 

Sold: Sep. 2010

Price Sold: $ 405


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