1934 Whitman, "Adventures of Buck Rogers" Big Big Book

1934 Whitman,

Outstanding near mint- (minus) example of "The Adventures of Buck Rogers" Big Big Book published by Whitman. By far the best I've seen!

Hard cover 317pg. book features Bucks adventures on The Planetoid Eros. The book is large enough so that each of the 150+ black and white illustrations were suitable for coloring; all drawn by "Lt. Dick Calking". Of course it's the full color oversize covers which really grabs your attention. Buck is shown in full uniform flying over tree tops with a white capped mountain in the background. The back cover shows Buck's space ship striking and exploding the enemies ship with debris and figures falling below. (Rather than try to identify the situations depicted on the covers I kept the book closed. It's also why I was unable to provide photo's of the inside pages). 

The thick black spine was printed with all the text information as well as a rare portrait of Buck without his helmet on.

Size: 9½" x 7½" x 1¼". 

Sold: Dec. 2010

Price Sold: $ 204


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