1953 Archer "The War of The Worlds" Playset in Original Box

1953 Archer

One of the most sought after science fiction toys produced during the early 1950's was Archer's fabulous "The War of The Worlds Playset". Released to coincide with George Pal's classic 1953 movie it features some of the most extraordinary box graphics ever produced. Available for only a short time and in limited quantities this example is complete with all 31 parts in its original die-cut box. Only the inserts and parts bags have been replaced. 

The set includes the following:

  • 10 Plasticraft GI's - (Approx 2½") Hard styrene metallic green plastic each figure is different.
  • 6 Archer "Men of Mars"- (4") Hard styrene plastic molded in metallic bronze, silver, green and purple. "...the most exquisitely designed space men ever produced. Their space suits are adorned with large epaulets on their shoulders, cuffed boots and gloves, and Romanesque helmets....". Each has 1/16" wide glove slots to hold their vinyl weapons and astro-pacs.
  • 6 Martian Weapons - Soft red vinyl plastic. Includes paralyzer, atom rifle, neutralizer, force gun, ray gun, and disintegrator.
  • 6 Martian Astro-pacs - Soft mustard colored plastic. Includes space-scope, first-aid kit, space dust, radio, Geiger counter, and ammo case.
  • 1 Martian Commander - (3") Hard styrene bronze colored plastic with original halo. Foot pegs have been replaced. 
  • 1 Atomic Defense Truck (10½") with "Sounding Beam" (4½") - Hard styrene blue plastic molded vehicle with original siren friction motor mounted on a heavy steel frame on black rubber tires. The Sounding beam is a 2-piece take a part weapon mounted onto a separate black hard plastic swivel base. Although it was not originally electrified I've modified it by adding a single removable battery operated light bulb. 

The hinged box (27" x 12¼" x 4") was printed with a fantastic die-cut window display lid showing destruction of an Earth city. Front and center is George Pal's representation of a bat-wing shaped Martian War Machine with its awesome heat ray and disintegrators pounding the city into a crumbling, fiery mass. A triple mushroom cloud Atomic Bomb rages in the background while the Invaders reek mayhem on the fleeing populace and attacking GI's. Front and rear box aprons warn of the "Men of Mars are Coming" with Earth's curved surface and the flood of advancing Martians and Trucks. Mars is shown with its recognizable canals in the backround. Side aprons show trajectory of the coming invaders as it passes above the moon. The entire box bottom depicts a Civil Defense Station with GI workers and civilians administering first aid, even while new casualties are brought in by stretchers. Both the box bottom and lid can be used as backdrops for the playset. As already mentioned the inserts and parts bags are new except for the small bag which was still in the box. 

Size: see above. 

Price Sold: $ 1525


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