c.1955 Charmore (Marx) Disney Walkers with Ramp in Original Box

c.1955 Charmore (Marx) Disney Walkers with Ramp in Original Box

Includes a set of three unused Disney ramp walkers, with original tinplate ramp, in their original bag; and complete with original box. Called only "the Famous Walking Toys" they were "produced" by The Charmore Co. 

The Charmore Company of Patterson, NJ was in reality created by the Louis Marx Company after WWII. Apparently this was done for "tax reasons" and retail buyer-level advantages. It was named for Charlene, the wife of David Marx, brother of Louis. 

To make it even more complicated several of the same toys could originally be purchased with either the Marx or Charmore name on the box. However, the individual ramp walkers were embossed with the Marx trademark. This toy however, is by Charmore, but more important....it's mint in box!

It includes Pluto, a Mickey/Minnie combination, and Donald with wheelbarrow. They come in their original figure bag. All three are a scare early version of the toy made with metal legs. The heavier weight of the metal assured that it would complete the ramp without stopping (or stopping only occasionally). The later, more common plastic leg versions frequently stopped, or required raising the angle of the incline. At one point the Donald wheelbarrow toy even came with a miniature brick just to make sure it made it down to the bottom. Eventually the inconsistency of the plastic legged toys eliminated the use of a boxed ramp and were then sold individually.

The 1" tall by 12" long ramp is tinplate lithoed with a faux wood grain. 

The yellow and green box was illustrated with many non-Disney walkers. In fact nothing is printed on the box to indicate that Disney characters were included. Operating instructions ("tilt about one inch for each foot of length") were printed on the box edges. The Charmore name appears only on the endflaps.

Size: Walkers approx. 1¾" long. 

Sold: Sep. 2011

Price Sold: $ 128


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