1941 Wyandotte, Flash Strat-O-Wagon in Original Box

1941 Wyandotte, Flash Strat-O-Wagon in Original Box

Beautiful never used, never assembled pressed steel "Strat-O-Wagon" by Wyandotte. Separate steel handle has never been attached. Comes complete with Men Of The Stratosphere original box.

Awesome red, white and blue lithoed pressed steel wagon designed with "futuristic" streamlined appearance. Although the streamlining design dates from the 1930's, the actual toy didn't debut until 1941. It was however, originally produced in 1934 as a simple streamlined wagon without the stratosphere stuff. 

Features tear-drop wagon with striped rear fins and covered "pants type" black fenders. Wagon bed lithoed with a flashing rocket, plus the toy name, and Wyandotte trademark. 

Pull handle which has never been attached clips into the two holes connected to the front axle. Wheels are some kind of hard plastic, but not styrene. Front axle with wheels can be turned right or left. 

Fantastic box depicts the wagon rocketing through space with planets and rockets in the background. Front and rear panels include a full description of the Men of the Stratosphere (i.e., short history of high altitude flying). Along side is an illustration of a pilot wearing "modern strato equipment". End flaps were printed with toy name, company name and logo. 

Size: 6".

Sold: Feb. 2012

Price Sold: $ 305


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