1930 Schuco, Teddy Bear Perfume Bottle

1930 Schuco, Teddy Bear Perfume Bottle

Awesome example of the "Teddy Bear Perfume Bottle" manufactured by Schuco in incredible near mint- condition. Comes with original removable head and original glass vial with glass stopper. 

Cute, cuddly, collectible and consumable the idea of a plush animal toy with a perfume bottle hidden inside was a hit even when it was first introduced. This Teddy is taller of the two sizes produced by Schuco; 5" vs. 3". It's made of golden mohair on a jointed metal frame body. That is the head, arms, and legs are movable. It has a black stitched nose and mouth, and metal pin eyes. 

Hidden inside Ted is a 3" long glass perfume flask with original glass stopper. The stopper is complete with the submersible section as well as the flat handled stopper with two air bubbles. The cavity inside the head is lined with metal. Most likely it's polished tinplate. The bottle is snug, yet easily removed.

Size: 5".

Sold: Aug. 2011

Price Sold: $ 430


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