1949 Marx Dick Tracy Siren Squad Car w/Light in Original Box

1949 Marx Dick Tracy Siren Squad Car w/Light in Original Box

Classic Marx "Dick Tracy Siren Squad Car with Electric Flashing Light" complete with original box and correct Marx key. Produces a high pitched squeal with simultaneously flashing light and both work great!

Car is all tin litho with white plastic emergency roof light. The red light itself is original to the car. Separate key winds motor. Start/stop switch located on rear windshield. 

Dark green body "festooned" with details. For example the windows correctly show the perspective view of all four occupants (with Tracy as the driver and Sam Ketcham riding shotgun). Dick Tracy name and searchlights are lithoed onto the front hood. Tracy badge emblems are on the sides of both doors. Tail lights, roof lights, and Police Squad Car logo was lithoed on the both long sides. Rear bumper and license plate also included in the rear. Underside chassis is a single white embossed plate. 

The front grille/headlight assembly is a single chrome plated part. If you look closely near the left headlight you can just make out a short horizontal parallel strip of white and black lithography (see last photo). Marx produced many versions of this toy. At least one of them had its front grille lithographed. When this version with chrome bumper was produced, rather than stamp brand new bodies, Marx used preexisting stock and just covered over the earlier lithography. Frequently this can't be seen, but on this example the small strip is revealed. 

Three tires on this toy are black painted wood. The fourth is solid black rubber which provides traction for forward movement. 

The large key is correct for this toy. Apparently it was painted black a very long time ago. There's no way to tell if this was done before or (most likely) after it left the factory.

The box was printed/illustrated using only red on a white background. The main panel shows the Squad Car with three occupants (Sam is in the back seat this time). A "beam" of light streams from the emergency roof light. The toy name surrounds most of the entire panel. The narrower panels show the vehicle head-on. The same three occupants are seated in the same positions. The toy name which advertises its electric and sound abilities were again printed on these panels as well as the two endflaps. Except for the endflaps the box has been relined. 

Size: 11¼".

Sold: Feb. 2012

Price Sold: $ 480


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