1959 Structo Mobile Anti-Missile Radar Truck in Original Box

1959 Structo Mobile Anti-Missile Radar Truck in Original Box

Magnificent!!  Rare, pressed steel Cold-War era "Mobile Anti-Missile Radar Truck" by Structo. In incredible near mint condition, never played with or used. Includes high grade EXC+ original box, plus all inserts, parts bags, and the original instructions. What a find!

Two piece heavy pressed steel truck with red cab and blue missile platform trailer. The cab has six solid rubber tires with metal centers. The "rears" are tandem. The front grille assembly is chrome plated plastic and is embossed with a large capital "S" at the top. The rear hitch can be tilted.

The blue trailer section is two levels and runs on a pair of small rear solid black rubber tires. It holds the searchlight, missile racks, and cannons. The rear decal is original and 100% complete. 

The guns: all gray embossed plastic with 3 separate barrels. Each gun has its own separate black firing button embossed "Fire 1, Fire 2, Fire 3". missile (dart) launcher. It's capable of elevating using the black knob mounted on the right side and also rotates at the base. Unfortunately somewhere along the line it lost its original site which fits into the two holes just above the center barrel.

The ammo: complete with all 6 rubber tipped darts. When not in use the darts can be held in place using the two metal racks located in front of the cannon. The condition of the darts indicate that they've never been fired. 

The radar: has its original antenna which is mounted on the left side of the cannon.

The searchlight: the unit itself is all plastic with original transparent lens. The on/off switch is on the back. It uses its original bulb which still works! The searchlight can be raised or lowered and is mounted onto a white painted metal frame that also rotates (although it never has). The original mounting screw for the frame is still inside the bag.

The large boxed is printed with side images of a generic tractor trailer truck along with text about safety, materials, etc. Only the endflaps indicate that it's the correct box for this truck. They include a small schematic of the truck and the actual name and catalog number.

It also includes its two original cardboard inserts and three paper parts bags. 

The instructions consist of a single double sided 8" x 11" paper. One side includes schematics, parts list, assembly and use directions. The other side includes schematics and instructions for operation of the searchlight (not shown). 

Size: 27" x 7½" wide x 11¼" tall.

Sold: Oct. 2011

Price Sold: $ 472


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