1928 Marx, "The Big Parade" in Original Box

1928 Marx,

The Big Parade was one of four toys produced by Marx that were known as "Traffic Simulating Toys". It's a wind-up, spring driven mechanical tin litho toy, built in appreciation of the soldiers who fought and died in WWI. This example is in excellent+ condition. The circling airplane is old, looks great, but is not an original. It's a replacement. However, the toy does work beautifully. It comes with its scarce original box. 

The Parade street measure 2 feet long. A Red Cross Ambulance and six pairs of two-dimensional soldiers, marching or on horseback, traverse from one end to the other. They march past two groups of skyscrapers, through two arches decorated in red, white and blue drapery, and past a reviewing grandstand packed with onlookers. 

On either end are two, three dimensional buildings decorated with marching soldiers. The procession turns as they pass through them. One of these buildings houses the motor. The attached key protrudes through its roof. The start/stop switch is located on the side of this building. A tin litho airplane connects to this same building and rotates overhead.

The box features an awesome full length panel illustration depicting the Big Marching marching through a city street. It accurately echoes every scene from the toy. One feature I found interesting is a small ¼", perfectly circular hole punched through one end of the box cover. You'll see one on every box. When the toy is placed inside the box the keyhole which connects the Airplane becomes centered directly under this hole. This allows the plane to attach to the toy while it's still inside the box and proved to be an excellent marketing strategy. The toy originally sold at Sears for $1.00. In fact the price can still be read in faint pencil on one end.

Size: 24" x 3½" x 3". 

Sold: Jan. 2012

Price Sold: $ 1226


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