1949 Gunthermann Ford Sedan in Original Box

1949 Gunthermann Ford Sedan in Original Box

Scarce early postwar tin litho clockwork "Ford Sedan" manufactured by Günthermann, U.S. Zone Germany. Key wind with multiple actions and all of them work! Comes complete with original box and unusual aluminum key. 

Gorgeous 4 door sedan lithoed with maroon body and illustrated chassis. Winds up using separate aluminum key. Twin bulb shaped "exhaust pipes" pull out or push in to engage stop/start and forward/reverse clockwork gears. Interior includes simple tin litho front bench seat. The rear of the interior is occupied by the clockwork mechanism. Best of all everything works great.

Features authentic chrome plated Ford hood ornament, chrome plated window frames including "smoker windows" front and rear. Front windshield is early split type. Each separate pane is chrome framed. Wrap around front bumper, grille and headlights are all separate pieces. Massive wrap around rear bumper and bullet style wheel hubs are also chrome plated. Tires are solid black rubber with white sidewalls (on both interior and exterior walls). 

Car also was built with an usual illustrated chassis. In addition to the marked out gear positions and large SG trademark, the entire center includes a large detailed litho of the drive train, frame, suspension, engine, and tires. Can't recall ever seeing this before. 

The box was designed with two color illustrations of a chauffeured red Ford sedan (single rear occupant) and chauffeured blue Ford Sedan (with two occupants). The red panels are marked "Made in Germany U.S. Zone" in the lower right corner. These panels also contain the rarely seen signature of the original artist in the lower left corner. Can't be certain, but it looks like "KARLICEK".

Size: 11¼".

Sold: Nov. 2011

Price Sold: $ 440


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