c.1956 Nomura, XV-3 Bell "Copter-Plane" in Original Box

c.1956 Nomura, XV-3 Bell

In 1955 the XV-Bell Copter-Plane became the first successfully flown, although only briefly, vertical-horizontal aircraft (see photo). In other words it could take off and land like a helicopter. Once in the air the two large wing rotors tilted 90° and it was transformed into an airplane! 

This battery operated tin litho toy was very accurately based on that original aircraft. It comes complete with original box and best of all....everything works great!

The toy runs on two rubber wheels unlike the actual vehicle which used water landing gear. Of course skis would've been impossible to function on the toy. The box illustration however, does show it more accurately complete with water skis and even the correct U.S. Army 4147 designation on the tail wing. The toy also has a third smaller rear wheel to balance itself. 

The body, wings, and rotors are tin litho. The three rotor blades are capable of folding inwards to fit inside the box. It has a U.S. Air Force insignia on both wings and on each side of the fuselage. These are separately tabbed metal pieces, not lithoed or decaled. It has its original red tinted celluloid cockpit windows. The toy is unmarked

Using the original wired "remote controller" the copter can move forward or reverse. Simultaneously the rotors spin clockwise or anti-clockwise. A light inside the copter constantly flashes on and off. The bulb is original. 

As already mentioned the box shows a very accurate representation of the actual aircraft (see photo). A second copter in the background is shown flying horizontally, while the one in the foreground is prepared to take off vertically. It's marked with the manufacturer's trademark in the lower right corner. One important thing to note; the box bottom is a new replacement. Only the cover is original. 

Size: Wingspan 7¾" (not including rotors). Fuselage 6¾". Remote control wire length approx. 3ft.

Sold: Nov. 2011

Price Sold: $ 355


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